The social business AMANDLA has the ambition to become a catalyst for social change on a global scale. Today the non-profit organisation employs more than 100 people in South Africa and Germany. AMANDLA envisions a world that values social progress over profit. WE BELIEVE that businesses can do well while doing good. WE COLLABORATE across sectors to explore and design game-changing, scalable business Solutions that drive positive social change for young people.

Florian Zech founded AMANDLA in 2007 with a team of local and international volunteers in 2007 in Khayelitsha. He worked and lived for a year in an orphanage in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, as part of his civil service. During this time Florian developed the AMANDLA idea. AMANDLA’s innovative Safe-Hub model has been recognised with international awards such as the Beyond Sport Award and the ISPO Award for its impact.



Founder Florian Zech is bearer of the order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and since 2016, he’s a part of the Ashoka Fellowship Programme for social entrepreneurs. After its initial founding phase, Florian has built and is leading AMANDLA into an international organisation together with Joint-Managing Director, Jakob Schlichtig. We as teamAMANDLA firmly believe in changing the social sector and are committed to achieving this at scale efficiently and effectively.

In doing so AMANDLA has over the past few years evolved from being a group of volunteers to becoming a social business with a global vision. The focus is to unleash the potential of young people worldwide in an innovative way. Therefore, we do not measure our success by profit, but by the positive influence we have on the lives of young people.